Welcome to Manipur University of Culture
The Vision and Mission statements of the Manipur University of Culture manifest our purpose to actively pursue and reach our destination. It is our allegiance to provide a best platform of the rich cultural heritage of Manipur across the world in higher education. This institution will act as a catalyst in shaping the career of a performer to become a refine academician or scholar of our state and the nation as well, so that they can bridge the gap between culture and value education at a large in the whole world


To become an esteemed University, hailed with excellence in teaching, training and research; facilitate prominent education to students; fostering their skills and talents; shaping their career and personal growth in academic as well as in performing arts; firm in pursuit to understand the needs of social and cultural value while excelling their personal growth.


To preserve, protect, promote and nourish its unique potential of art & culture of the state to safeguard the rich cultural heritage of the people of Manipur in particular, North Eastern States of India and India in general; also to academically acclaim in institutionalising the field of performing arts.



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