Prof. Paonam Gunindro
Manipur University of Culture

Manipur University of Culture was established in 2015 under THE MANIPUR UNIVERSITY OF CULTURE ACT 2015, as a State University, with the aim and objective to promote and preserve rich cultural heritage of Manipur within the institutional mechanism of University system so as to ensure continuity in contribution. The State Government in its efforts to strengthen the endeavour of Manipur University of Culture allotted 118 acres of land. Within the policy framework of Look East, this has been now enhanced by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India as Act East Policy. Manipur as a state and Manipur University of Culture as epicenter of cultural resources and activities inherently possess immense strength as ‘Culture’ is an essential element in our relationship with South East Asia. The main objectives of the University are promotion and preservation of the cultural heritage and strengthening the performing arts but also to ensure better coordination with South East Asian countries. At present there are 11 departments, viz., Visual Arts, Dance, Music, Umang Lai Haraoba, Sankirtana, Theater, Tribal Studies, Thang-Ta, English, Manipuri and Culture Studies. Affiliation of nine colleges of culture is in process. Several new avenues will be opened up for the advancement of academic and cultural exchanges which ultimately strengthen the brotherhood and sense of fraternity on the basis of common cultural elements.

Manipur University of culture is planning to open new courses on Language; Skill development, particularly on the traditional art and crafts products; Tourism and Hospitality Management;Traditional knowledge of healing etc. Hospitality is the hallmark culture of Manipur, in its own unique way, there is need of incorporating these elements with modern approach. It is hoped that, one day, the Manipur University of Culture will become a University of Culture in the International level, which has been a cherished dream of the people of Manipur.

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