The University came up under a driving need to safeguard the rich cultural heritage of the state and nourish its unique potential as it has been envisaged in the Cultural Policy of the Government of Manipur.

The Manipur University of Culture is a new and unique University of the state and the first of its kind in the entire North-Eastern part of India. It is a teaching and affiliating University established with the objectives to advance and disseminate knowledge by teaching, training and research in various aspects of culture, particularly the indigenous culture of the state. The University aims at offering academic opportunities and facilities for pursuing Graduate, Post Graduate, Doctoral Degree and Post-Doctoral Degree studies in the many un-explored areas in the field of Culture and Performing Arts and other multi disciplinary degrees in general. It also aims at promoting serious and systematic ethnic studies bearing on the living conditions of the communities living in Manipur and the adjoining regions of the South-East Asia and thus serving as a centre for fostering co-operation and open-minded exchange of ideas among academic communities of other Institutions and Universities of repute in India and abroad which have similar objectives. It also aims at promoting languages, culture, performing arts, state-of-the-art of literature, history, and other ethnolinguistic studies. The pursuit of education, scholarship and research at the highest levels of language, literature and culture, therefore, is the objective of the University.

In the coming years, plans are being made to strengthen the University as well as to expand the horizon of study by adding more departments. Many new elements which are considered important and essential could be adopted and incorporated from time to time. The University will modify, supplement, add, nourish and preserve the essential items of the indigenous cultural components from year to year.

Besides, the following Departments are envisaged to be added during the next 10 (ten) years (2019-2029):
1. Department of Manipuri
2. Department of English
3. Department of Hindi
4. Department of Linguistics
5. Centre for Foreign Languages
6. Department of Psychology
7. Department of Culture Studies
8. Centre for Sanamahi Studies
9. Centre for South-East Asian Studies
10. Centre for North East & International Studies
11. Department of Philosophy
12. Department of Indigenous Games and Sports of Manipur
13. Department of Mass Communication
14. Department of Archaeology and Museology
15. Department of Anthropology
16. Department of Sociology
17. Department of Tourism & Hospitality Management

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