At present, the Library of the University has more than 3000 digitized documents, 10000 referral and circulation books and also has acquired various national and international periodicals.

Manipur being a cultural hub of the North-East India and attracts countries of South-East Asia, the Library aims to collect huge digitized documents and also aims to process the literatures fully automated, documented and digitized in the next 10 (ten) years (2019-2029) on different aspects of culture.

It is planned to host its information products, comprising research and development by publishing highly impact factor peer review journals, encyclopaedic publications, monographs, books. It also has scope to generate literatures as e-service in the field of languages, ritual & traditional practices, performing art, visual art, culture, literatures, archaeology, tourism & hospitality management and other disciplines in humanities and social sciences.

The Library of Manipur University of Culture will also engage in providing user free and ready referral services of mobile library, library automation, documentation, achieves and dissemination of various information services through myriad activities.

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