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About the Faculty 

Visual Art, also known as Fine Art, if we look at the magnificent art works and genius artists, great patrons of the earlier ages, we understand that all those perfections and dignities of art and artists are the outcome of their dedication, discipline, loyalty and endeavor. On the other hand, the simple art of the innocent people, although their works has naïve and simplicity in characters, it has an identity and proud. They function carefully the systems of execution, within the parameter of rules that left for them by their ancestors, and what we called today, “tradition” and “culture”. The visual Art Faculty aspired to follow the great achievements of the artists, of the early ages. Moreover, at the same time Contemporary ideas and knowledge of other art movements are imparting to the students. Students are giving utmost suitable trainings based on full practical and theory programmes. The faculty is providing good classroom, library, computer lab, metal casting facilities and other amenities for comfort of the students. Annual art Exhibition for the students, external and internal study tour are part of the courses. Outstanding students particular in their respective fields are awarding. The faculty maintains all the staff and students for punctuality and hard working. The Visual Art Faculty of MUC, is proud of its students for maintaining good discipline and loyalty. Classes are taking by the long experience teachers including two renowned senior artists of Manipur, at present; the faculty has eleven teaching staff for different departments. 


The ongoing visual art courses are likely to be available the postgraduate programmes in the university itself from the next year 2021, and in the near future, research programme also would be introduced. Apart from that, the Faculty of Visual Art has arranged various advantages during the courses they attains, such as commission, project works and any other design related works are being assigning to the more proficient students. As everybody knows that, the rich art and cultural items of Manipur are being inviting to various foreign countries, and presented variety of shows. The university nominates the excellent students for artists’ exchange programmes. The faculty is promoting numbers of art activities such as artists’ camps, seminars and exposes at national and international level that benefited the students. The National Education Policy may give chances the visual artists for suitable jobs. Lastly, mentioned may be made that Manipur University of Culture is a rare place in the world for promoting art and culture, and will facilitate research scholars for study in the concerned subjects. 

Course Structure: 

The visual art Department has opened in the year 2016 as a component of the University of Culture, without which the meaning of culture seems not been perfecting. The faculty, have four Departments: 

1. Painting

2. Sculpture

3. Print Making (Graphic)

4. Applied Art. 

All the four disciplines constitutes by Eight (8) Semesters, one to four semesters are preparatory course, with common theory Classes. From fifth Semester, students start choosing one specialized subject from the four disciplines: Painting, Sculpture, Print Making (Graphic), and Applied Art. Art History and Aesthetics are theory papers for all departments of the Faculty. 

Course Details: 

(1). 1st to 4th Semesters: Nine Papers, including common theory papers, for each semester. 

(2). 5th to 8th Semesters: Eight Papers excludes common theory papers, for each semester. 


Every Paper carries 50 marks. 

(1). For 1 Semester: 50 marks, each papers, 

Each Semester constitutes 9 papers: 50×9=450 marks 

1st to 4th Semesters: 450×4=1800 marks 

(2). 5th to 8th Semesters: constitutes 8 papers for each Semester. (Specialization period). 

Every paper carries 50 marks. Total marks for 1 Semester: 50×8=400 marks 

For 4 Semesters: 400×4= 1600 marks 

Total Marks for 8 Semesters: 1800+1600 =3400 marks 

(3). Each 50 marks contain 10 Marks for internal. 40 Marks for Examinations and external. 

(4). To complete the Bachelor of Visual Art takes 4 years.

Faculty List of Visual Art
Name : A. Hemanta Singh,
Co-ordinator, Visual Art Department
Address : Yairipok
Contact No. : 9383218548
E-mail : hemantaarambam01@gmail.com
Qualification :
BFA (History of Art), Rabindra Bharati University, Calcutta
MFA (History of Art), MSU, Baroda
NET 2013
Name : Y. Ibochaoba Singh
Address : Thangmeiband Kabrambam Leikai
Contact No. : 9862281474
Qualification :
BFA Painting
MFA Graphics, MSU, Baroda
Department :
Graphics and Aesthetics
Name : Sh. Joychandra Sharma
Address : Nagamapal Lamabam Leikai
Contact No. :9436890292
Qualification :
DFA Sculpture
Post Dipoma – Sculpture
Department :
Name : Haobijam Chitreshwor Singh
Address : Nagamapal Kangjabi Leirak, Imphal
Contact No. : 8794618167
E-mail : chitreshwor.bhai@gmail.com
Qualification :
MFA (Applied Art)
Department :
Applied Art
Name : Naorem Rajesh Singh
Address : Kakching Chumang Leikai
Contact No. : 8415962260
E-mail : naoremprint@gmail.com
Qualification :
MFA (Graphics)
Department :
Name : Mangsatabam Samson Meetei
Address : Soibam Leikai, Old Checkon Bazar
Contact No. : 9612124464
E-mail : samson006@gmail.com
Qualification :
MFA (Graphics) & Advance Certificate course in Pottery
Department :
Name : Nongthombam Bhagiratha Singh
Address : Khurai Lamlong Bazar, Imphal East
Contact No. : 9856150547
E-mail : nbhagirat@rediffmail.com
Qualification :
(i) DCA (Computer Graphics)
(ii) DFA
Department :
Applied Art
Name : R.K. Devaraj Singh
Address : Nagamapal Singjubung Leirak
Contact No. : 9774832750
E-mail : rkdevraj86@gmail.com
Qualification :
MFA (Painting)
Department :
Name : M. Leingakpa Meitei
Address : Khurai Thangjam Leikai
Contact No. : 8974208936
E-mail : leingakpamoirangcha@gmail.com
Qualification :
MFA (Sculpture)
Department :
Name : Chandam Lalit Singh
Address : Moirangkhom Sougaijam Leikai
Contact No. : 8413993783
E-mail : lalitchandam@yahoo.com
Qualification :
MFA (Painting)
Department :
Name : Millan Laishram
Address : Lilong Chajing Awang Leikai
Contact No. : 977434622
E-mail : laishrammillan@gmail.com
Qualification :
MFA (Painting)
Department :

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