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The Department of Tribal Studies came into existence since the inception of Manipur University of Culture in the year 2016. The Department of Tribal Studies offers Bachelor of Arts in Tribal Studies (BTS). It is one of the first in North East India to offer graduate course in Tribal Studies. Master of Arts (MA) Programme in Tribal Studies will commence from the academic session 2020-2021. Any graduate of the general education can apply for admission to MA programme in Tribal Studies. It is also the plan/vision of the Department of Tribal Studies to open PhD and Post Doctoral Research programmes in near future as the North East including Manipur has become one of the focus areas of research of the academic community of the country and abroad.


  1. Enabling students to understand the academic discourse on the various issues pertaining to tribal communities.
  2. Providing institutional and research facilities to disseminate various areas of tribal
  3. Building strong fundamental knowledge among students to pursue higher education.
  4. Developing educational pathways to maximize the students’ option of career choices.


  1. To prepare students with solid foundation in tribal knowledge.
  2. To impart comprehensive studies on various issues relating to tribal community.
  3. To prepare students to engage in professional development by conducting project work / dissertation.
  4. To inculcate students with professional ethics.
  5. To collaborate with national and international universities for undertaking cultural studies and research on tribal studies.

Structure of the Programme

BA in Tribal Studies (BTS) is a three years degree course divided in six semester system. In every semester there are three core papers on Tribal Studies and three compulsory papers on English, Culture Studies and MIL (Manipuri)/Elective English. From Fifth semester, the course is designed to focus wholly on Tribal Studies without any compulsory paper. In sixth semester, the students will also have to take up a project work which includes field work under the supervision of a faculty. The individual who has passed 10+2 of the general education can apply for admission to BTS. The medium of instruction and examination is English.

Each paper carries 100 marks. The distributions of the marks are 20 marks from internal assessment and 80 marks from end semester examination.

The course is designed to impart knowledge on the nature and significance of tribal studies providing an ethnographic understanding of the tribes through innovative teaching and supervised research project work. Graduates from Tribal Studies can pursue Master of Arts or appear for competitive recruitment examinations at the state and national level or seek employment at the NGOs of Tribal Development Schemes. They can also apply for scholarship/fellowship to the concerned Ministry of Tribal Affairs and Culture to undertake research work.

Assistant Professor & HOD i/c

  1. Dr. Kamei Budha Kabui

Assistant Professor

  1. Dr. Ruth Lalsiemsang Buongpui
  2. Dr. C.D Aimol

Guest Faculty

  1. Dr. Kh. Dutta Singh
  2. B. Noble
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