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About the Department:

In the very infant stage of the Manipur University of Culture, when the Manipur University of Culture Act, 2015, commenced on 25th August, 2015, conceived the Department of Sankirtana with tremendous contributions from various learned scholars and eminent Gurus in the particular field. The Department of Sankirtana was among the other disciples which was considered to open its course in the University. Formally, the Department of Sankirtana, along with other Departments was opened in the presence of the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor and Registrar on 20th September, 2016 in the Conference Hall of the Government Dance College Campus, Palace Compound, Imphal East. At present the Department is offering Three Year Graduate degree in the field of Sankirtana. In the coming years, plans are being made to strengthen the Department by expanding its horizon of study by offering Master of Art degree up to the level of conferring Ph.D and Post-Doctoral degree.

Aim and Objective :

The Department of Sankirtana as a part of Manipur University of Culture, has strived and will be endeavouring to achieve various ends as presented below –

  1. To preserve the important age-old culture of the State of Manipur as Sankirtana has been playing an important role in the ritual ceremonies in the lives of followers of Manipuri Gouriya Vaishnavism.
  2. To develop Sankirtana to a higher level with proper academic standard.
  3. To study Manipuri Sankirtana in a wider area of innovative research in the modern trend of the society.
  4. To develop the students as a performer in the field of Sankirtana with clear academic and theoretical knowledge.
  5. To provide the opportunity of learning Sankirtana in the academic field to the students who love to undergo the courses being provided.
  6. To give an opportunity for self-exposure in the arena of World Sankirtana to the students of this department after passing out from the university.
  7. To inculcate the students of the department the spirit to preserve, organize and promote this age-old culture.
  8. To instil the knowledge and spirit of research in the field of Sankirtana among the students and scholars for further development and preservation of the culture of Sankirtana.

Scope :

The scope of the Department of Sankirtana is as follows:

  1. To provide graduate and post-graduate courses in the field of Sankirtana.
  2. To conduct innovative research studies in the field of Sankirtana with the guidance of Ph.D. students.
  3. To impart both theoretical as well as practical knowledge and skills in the field of Sankirtana.
  4. To build up large number of well-educated and trained resourceful persons in the field of Sankirtana.
  5. To undergo various projects for the preservation and development of Sankirtana in the state.
  6. To put efforts to make Sankirtana popular and spread this culture in different parts of the world.
  7. To act as the reservoir of knowledge of Sankirtana with the documentation, compilation and preservation of knowledge, skills and teachings of Gurus in the field of Sankirtana in the state of Manipur.
  8. To provide the opportunity for self – exposure in the arena of the world of Ssankirtana.
  9. The objective of developing Sankirtana to a higher level of proper academic standard.

Course Pattern for Bachelor of Arts in Sankirtana (Semester system) :

Department of Sankirtana offers Three Year Degree Course in Sankirtana which is divided into 6 (six) semesters of Six month each. From 1st to 4th semester main subjects are Pung, Eshei, Cholom and Monoharsai. In addition to the above main subjects three more additional subjects i.e. English, Manipur and Cultural Studies are also incorporated to impart broad knowledge of general subjects apart from the specific subjects. In the Fifth semester, a common paper will replace the supplementary subject i.e English, Manipuri and Cultural Studies. In the Sixth Semester, a dissertation paper is to be submitted for the award of the Bachelor degree.

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