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About the Department

The Department of Culture Studies is an important pillar in the overall academic structure of Manipur University of Culture which worth the name. The department was established with a view to providing an institutional mechanism to clarify the intricacies built in the concept of culture. The department also aims at drawing serious academic attention to the vast diversity of human culture in time and space, both in the traditional and globalized contemporary contexts.

The Course, though subsidiary, is compulsory and will be taught in the first two (2) years i.e. from I to IV semesters. But in the near future, the University has the scope of opening a full-fledged BA Course in Culture Studies. And at present for a better opportunity to the students who want to pursue degree in culture Studies, the Department is planning to introduce Post graduate course from the academic session 2020-21 with Choice Based Credit system which will further leads to Doctoral and Post Doctoral Courses.

The Course has been designed taking into account the importance and significance of culture Studies in the contemporary societies. The contents of the Course are to analyze culture from different perspectives which will be benefited to the students to their future careers.


  1. 1. To impart the young learners an introductory, foundational and meaningful knowledge on Culture.
  2. To Study and analyze the rich Cultural heritage of Manipur
  3. To study and analyze the importance and significance of culture in a society.
  4. To study the culture of different ethnic groups of Manipur not only from the theoretical perspective but also from the practical understanding of the same.
  5. To impart the students the contemporary theories of culture and culture studies and to contextually understand the different culture of the state against the backdrop of the theories so that they can have holistic understanding of the different life ways of the people of Manipur.
  6. To impart not only classroom teaching but also to extend co-curricular activities in the form of cultural tours and field works with a view to providing normative as well as empirical understanding of culture to the students.

Course offered:

  1. Two years semester course which is compulsory to all the students of I, II, III and IV Semesters.

Courses to be offered:

  1. Graduate in Culture Studies
  2. Post graduate in culture studies which is under process to start from the academic session 2020-2021 with Choice based Credit system

Course Contents:

  1. The course consists of four (4) papers i.e One Paper each in I to IV Semesters.
  2. Each and every paper consists of four (4) units with a total of 200 marks distributing 50 each to the four (4) semesters.

Paper TitleInternal AssessmentEnd SemesterTotal Marks
I Semester
CTS: 101Introduction to Culture and Culture theory104050
II Semester
CTS: 202Aspects of Culture104050
III Semester
CTS: 303Social Institution 104050
IV Semester
CTS: 404Cultural Perspectives104050

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