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The Manipur University of Culture came up under a driving need to safeguard the rich cultural heritage of state and to nourish its unique potential as has been envisaged in the cultural policies of the Government. It actually started to function on December 4, 2015 when the first Vice Chancellor and the first Registrar of the University, appointed by the Governor of the state in his capacity as the Chancellor of the University under the Transitional Provision of the Manipur University of Culture Act, provision No. 43, joined for duty in the forenoon of the same day.
The Manipur University of Culture is a new and unique University of the state and the first of its kind in the entire North-Eastern part of India. It is a teaching and affiliating University established with the objectives to advance and disseminate knowledge by teaching, training and research in various aspects of culture, particularly the culture of the state. The University aims at providing opportunities and facilities for graduate, post-graduate, doctorate and post-doctorate studies in the areas mentioned above. It also aims at promoting serious and systematic ethnic studies bearing on the living conditions of the communities living in Manipur and the adjoining regions of the South-East Asia and thus serving as a centre for fostering co-operation and open-minded exchange of ideas among academic communities of other Institutions and Universities of repute in India and abroad which have similar objectives.
The office of the University is at present located at the premises of the building complex of the Department of Art and Culture, Government of Manipur, Palace Compound, Imphal. Initially the teaching programmes will be conducted in the buildings of Imphal Art College, Government Dance College and Government Music College.

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